Let your mindset roam freely through our unique creations.

Tu Tu Collection

About Us

I began my journey by crafting shirts for myself using a Cricut machine. My concept was simple: I wanted to bring to life anything that crossed my mind, whether it was a thought or a favorite song lyric, and transfer it onto a T-shirt. Essentially, my philosophy was to wear your mindset proudly on your shirt. Initially, I wanted to use the name "Mind Set Tees," but it was already taken, so I had to get creative. This is when the idea for "Myne Set Tees" was born.

As my business evolved and expanded beyond just T-shirts, I decided to add "& More" when registering it as an LLC. Now, I offer a broader range of creative custom designs. My goal is to encourage individuals to allow your mind set to be free with creative custom designs by me.